Shaun's Audition

I remember my audition pretty well, considering the 20 years to follow have been pretty much a blur.  Actually, almost exactly that long ago.  My first show was August 1998.  Chris, Kieran, Courtney & Clayton all came over to my friend, Robyn Griffin's house, with whom I was living in Dianella.  I guess Robyn was at work, but my friend Chris Wallace and I were hanging out and for some reason, I'd baked a cake.  Packet cake.  Chocolate I think.  

So Murphy's Lore turned up with amps in hand and headed to the back room which had a small upright piano.  We sat around in this tight little area, played tunes and sung songs without PA.  The vibe was fun and positive.  I swear there was a smell of youthful energy and excitement about the future.  You know, just like there is when you've got your whole life ahead of you and a cool band to go along with it.

The boys didn't want any cake though.  It made me suspicious.  

Turns out they thought it had more than flour and eggs in it.

Shaun Street, 19-08-18