Constantly Crazy

Someone at a lovely music shop (let's say something like Mega Music) brought something to my attention yesterday.  They've known the Perth cover band scene for a long time & mentioned that Murphy's Lore, as far as he knows, is the only band that's had the same line-up for over 10 years.  

Obviously the Murphy brothers have been playing together since they were kids & called their family band Murphy's Lore.  I, (Shaun) have been blessed enough to have been with the guys since 1998.  Jason Smith joined full time in 2002.  I think that's right... Kieran?  So the majority of the line-up has been unaltered for such a long time.  

The other big bands in Perth may have been around just as long & some even longer (Sim Jim, Dr Bogus, Daren Reid et al), but their line-ups are far from the same.   

So I thought that was significant & kind of cool.  Thanks for your support Perth & thanks to my brothers in arms: Courtney Murphy, Chris Murphy, Kieran Murphy, Clayton Bolger & Jason Smith.  We should totally start a band.  


So I've just been convinced of why it's necessary for a webpage to have a blog.  It's pretty much about search optimisation.  Look for the key words in future blogs, such as... FIFO, corporate band, live entertainment, Murphy's Lore, The Scouts and classy donkeys in high heels.

Welcome to Street Talk.  Clearly the most obvious blog title ever.