Johnno's cousin's band

It's funny that as a music manager I spend so much of my time trying to prove to people that we are professionals.  There's kind of no way to impress that upon people.  I've got a degree in music education, but that's not really an indication that the band I play in is actually great.   

I feel demoralised about our industry's reputation when corporate clients say things like 'you guys are going to turn up aren't you'?  It's not a reflection or a concern about my band, but they've obviously been burned before, probably by an amateur band.  I mean professional and amateur in the strict sense here...

Amateur: doesn't perform live for a living.  

Professional: pays the mortgage and feeds the family every week with income from playing music.   

Between Courtney, Murphy's Lore, Wesleys, The Rough Housers, Tandem and myself we did over 450 gigs in the last financial year.  Wow, I'm kind of surprised myself!  Now THAT'S what professional musician means.  

Yet some mine sites and corporate clients will always try Johnno's cousin's band at a private function.  I really don't get it, especially when they're only saving $500 by getting an amateur band in.  

Anyway I'm off to fix someone's plumbing.  I've bought an adjustable wrench.  That's all there is to it, right?