Constantly Crazy

Someone at a lovely music shop (let's say something like Mega Music) brought something to my attention yesterday.  They've known the Perth cover band scene for a long time & mentioned that Murphy's Lore, as far as he knows, is the only band that's had the same line-up for over 10 years.  

Obviously the Murphy brothers have been playing together since they were kids & called their family band Murphy's Lore.  I, (Shaun) have been blessed enough to have been with the guys since 1998.  Jason Smith joined full time in 2002.  I think that's right... Kieran?  So the majority of the line-up has been unaltered for such a long time.  

The other big bands in Perth may have been around just as long & some even longer (Sim Jim, Dr Bogus, Daren Reid et al), but their line-ups are far from the same.   

So I thought that was significant & kind of cool.  Thanks for your support Perth & thanks to my brothers in arms: Courtney Murphy, Chris Murphy, Kieran Murphy, Clayton Bolger & Jason Smith.  We should totally start a band.